Today is my first Googleversary! Woohoo!


How time flies! Exactly one year ago on February 8th, 2016 I started my first day as a Noogler - a new Google employee. I still feel like it was just yesterday, when I showed up at 8am, got my badge and photo taken, went through Noogler’s first day orientation then met my manager and team for the first time.


As Google is my first destination out of school (except a couple of internships during my time in school), it’s also my first year in the industry as a full fledged software engineer. Looking back, I’ve learned so much over the past year. Not just in terms of technical skills, but also soft skills and many insights into how a company actually works. As everything is constantly moving at Google, there are things that I’m still getting used to and learning about everyday.


I work on infrastructure for GMail, and because of its history which dates back to 2004, there are so many existing layers, libraries and tools that are specific to the product, on top of all the other common systems at Google. I spent a considerable chunk of my time just to read the code and figure out (read: debug) how things fit together.

In this second year, I expect to spend less time figuring things out and actually get more things done at a faster pace and with higher quality than last year. GMail is still growing with over 1 billion monthly active users with many interesting features in the works, so I’m really excited to be a part of all this!